Part 4 and Conclusion - Unit 301 Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training by Natasha Middleton

Part 4

The Learning Environment (2.1)

A comfortable working environment is important for encouraging positive and effective learning, when a student feels happy and comfortable they achieve more and are more open to the learning experiences. Maslow's Hierarchy of needs explains how achieving a learner's basic needs; providing a learning space that isn't too hot or cold, allowing students access to refreshments, giving regular rest/toilet breaks, and then promoting each additional level of need in turn, along with a teacher who provides constructive feedback, support and the feeling of a safe learning space, sets the foundation for a positive learning experience. 

Codes of Practice, Appropriate Behaviour and respect in the classroom (2.2)

Promoting appropriate behaviour and respect in the classroom encourages a pleasant and positive space for learners and teachers alike. Setting ground rules of expected behaviour, getting to know each other with introductions, bonding activities or ice breakers and establishing boundaries, such as keeping all shared information, like email addresses, within the group, from the start ensure that everyone knows where they stand and helps to promote a safe environment for all. 


"The responsibility of a teacher will be to continually reassess development and change during the course and create a seamless transition to smooth delivery" (Wayt 2008).

This is saying that it a teacher's role is to ensure that the teaching cycle is on going, unbroken, a continual rotation of growth, evolving to the needs of the learners. Understanding that teachers roles, responsibilities and relationships all fall within the stages of the learning cycle allow the teacher to focus on the individual learning development of each student as an individual, comply with organisational, local and national policies, regulations and rules and provide a supportive learning environment.

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