Understanding Roles Responsibilities in Teaching and Education


Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Teaching and Education

For this assignment I have been given the task of explaining how to understand the teaching roles and responsibilities in education and training, and ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment, whilst understanding the relationships between teachers and others and how they relate to the teaching cycle and the theories of learning.

1.1 Explain the Teaching role and responsibilities in Education and Training

The roles and responsibilities of a teacher will differ during the teaching process, there are numerous existing models with the aim of outlining KEY stages. One of the most commonly used has a five stage process:-

  1) IDENTIFACTION OF NEED At this stage the role of teacher could be an assessor; it’s the responsibility of the teacher to identify the needs of each individual learner and to monitor their own practice to ensure the learner’s needs are met. This can be very beneficial to both teacher an learner.

  2) PLANNING & DESIGN At this stage of the teaching process, the role of the teacher is a planner and a researcher and it is the teacher’s responsibility to plan a session which meets the needs of the learner and the requirements of the course.

  3)   DELIVERY/FACILITATION At this stage the teacher would be a demonstrator, communicator or a listener and have the responsibility of supporting the learners through a range of activities and assessments.

  4) ASSESSMENT   The role of the teacher in the assessing learning stage is that of an assessor, reviewer and provider of feedback and the responsibility is to give the learner accurate feedback, and to make sure the progress the learner makes is checked according to the course requirements.

  5) EVALUATION The last stage of the process is the evaluation stage, the role the teacher will take is that of a reviewer, and has the responsibility to review the effectiveness of...