Understanding the Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training.

Certificate in Education and Training (Formerly CTLLS) Level 4

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Understanding the Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training.

My current role as a Teacher is to conduct training to the military soldier and officers of the Afghan Army. Responsibilities include the pre-course administration, course literature design, H&S briefing, accountability of the correct students allocated to the course and logistical planning.   To add to this, on a daily basis I am required to deliver subject specific lessons, both theoretical and practical as well as maintaining discipline.

As well as teaching, the role requires a series of curriculum designs whereby each course that starts will require adapting to the new intake of students and their ability.   So continuous student feedback collation and lesson adjusting to ensure the subjects are taught at the appropriate level is required.

The programme of learning I am specifically involved in is the teaching of intelligence collection to special forces soldiers and officers some of which are illiterate and some educated to a high standard.   The typical age brackets of students are quite diverse, ranging from early 20’s to late 40’s.   The students arrive on the course with differing levels of experience and enthusiasm, some having never been involved with the subject and some who are currently operationally employed within intelligence.

The diverse collection of students means that teaching methodology is constantly assessed and adapted to the mean standard.   This can be by the use of several instructors or by using peer-to-peer learning should the stronger student be of a suitable standard.

All training is governed by the corporate doctrine, which has been validated by the Department of Defence (USA).   This training and doctrine has also been qualified with the Afghan Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence to be valid and appropriate for the national...