Paradise Island

Imagination is something one must have to foresee a creation that could become something great extraordinary.   There several ways in which to the imagination flows when starting a new creation their first must be organization of the necessary elements. In business a good imagination is necessary for critical thinking.   The Island Country of Kava is a third world country rich in natural resources but lacking in industry. With the introduction of the organizational structure to the island, the possibility of change can be introduced and this will bring future opportunity to a local population and modernization where few have had opportunity to advance economically.   These changes will bring change to assist with the extreme climate conditions, the economic problems and issues concerning the disease.   This review will introduce these issues showing growth of a newly developing organization.  
Even though The development could prove costly because the island has too many negative problems to include a extreme weather conditions, the company through growth can develop and manage a highly effective and efficient organizational structure because goods and services that come from the island have a significant impact on the our company, ourselves, our families, and people all over the world.   A strong economy can be the driving force to everything necessary to include a profitable business that can thrive even on an undeveloped island like the Island Country of Kava.
The Island Country of Kava is located in the South Pacific, a place that has seen an enormous share of issues through the years.   To name a few, Kava is inhabited by an ethnic mix of people from different backgrounds and religions.   Through this diversity the people of Kava have coexist despite obvious personal differences in origin.   Unfortunately, due to extreme weather, the bad economy, and disease the island has not been able to thrive.   The island population has not grown and approximately...