Organizational Behavior

Paper No. 1 – Motivation and Reward
I am lead to believe that people are demotivated and to cease to exist when they believe that they are not needed.   Everyone t needs to feel needed otherwise what’s the point of existence.   This first paper is an analysis of motivation and rewards in the workplace.   As we read further we will get a deeper appreciation for the need theories and job design.   Mary Joe has been employed at Lloyds TSB Bank Bahamas Limited for the past eighteen months as a filing clerk and during this time she had varying degree of motivation.   We will explore Maslow’s needs hierarchy of physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem and self actualization.  

  1.   Needs Analysis
  A. Needs Theories
Motivation is like oil in the engine or rather the fuel in the gas tank that sparks life to the ignition system of an automobile.   Once that spark ignites it jumpstarts the engine and allows it to take off.   Like Mary Joe all of us have needs; at the foundation of Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory lies the physiological need of the body’s existence.   Mary Joe requires air, warmth, sleep, food, shelter and so on in order to exist, otherwise Mary would cease to be in the land of the living if these need are not met.   However on the job Mary requires coffee breaks, comfort on the job and reasonable working hours.   Upon the concept of physiological need stands the need for safety.   Mary needs to feel secured in here neighborhood, on the job or wherever she may choose to go.   There is also the need for job security and compensation benefits and safe working conditions. Belongingness and love is the next layer upward which Mary requires support and love from her family and friends.   This love has to be demonstrated and not just lip service as love is an action word.   The lack of belongingness will throw Mary into a state of depression.   Likewise on her job Mary depends heavily of her work family to be pleasant, friendly and to encourage her on...