Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part 1

Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part 1
Sarah Martin
MGT 350
June 16, 2010
Timothy Sheaffer

Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part 1
In the South Pacific there was once a paradise called Island of Kava (UOP, 5/31/2010). Due to natural disasters and environmental disasters, the paradise is no more. The natural disasters are tidal waves and tsunami, typhoons and hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes (UOP, 5/31/2010). The environmental disasters are fires, HIV and AIDS, a petroleum spill, a high risk of avian flu, as well as terrorism from inside and outside of the country (UOP, 5/31/2010).
Martin Services has partnered with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to help with recovery and rebuilding. To accomplish this, we will be providing a larger presence on Kava. Alex was sent in advance to get the lay of the land, and as much information on the situation as possible, as well as setting up shop. The report Alex sent back was devastating. Over 50% of the population are youths under the age of 15 (UOP, 5/31/2010). There is a variety of ethnic backgrounds on the island: indigenous south pacific tribes, Asian (primarily Chinese), French, Spanish, and Americans (UOP, 5/31/2010). Each of these ethnicities comes with their own languages (UOP, 5/31/2010). There are also a number of religious backgrounds: 50% indigenous and 50% is a mix of Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic (UOP, 5/31/2010). We were also informed of the other organization helping: governmental services – local, state, and national levels – including the military, community based organizations, faith-based groups, and businesses (UOP, 5/31/2010).
We were ready to send more help. Sarah (a representative from Martin Services) and Nik (a Wal-Mart Stores Inc. representative) joined Alex. Martin Services would take care of the clean-up, repairs, as well as youth centers. Wal-Mart Stores inc. would provide funds as well as supplies. As soon a Sarah arrived in Kava, she organized the location chosen for...