Outline the Inequalities on City Road

Inequalities on City Road

Today I will be highlighting some of the issues and inequalities surrounding City Road in Cardiff and comparing these inequalities to Broadway Road in Birmingham which is a street I am familiar with.   As-well as focusing on how, inequalities and issues affect the people using the two roads.      

City Road consists of a multi-cultural society, but the way city road is structured does not reflect its society to its maximum as access to resources, are not available to everyone, particularly those who view city road as a rough or dangerous place to be at night.   As some of the local people feel it to be unsafe to venture out after dark.   However the safety issues highlighted by the locals are not shared by local police officer Bob Keohone, who refers to city road as being safe.
At the municipal club [a gentlemen’s club] the men talk about a past where it used to be safe and somehow long for the past to be the future where one of the men’s daughter has to get a cab just to get home as he feels it to be unsafe for her to walk home.   The same can be said for Broadway Road where locals when they used to leave money in milk bottles for the milkman and honesty was ripe.  
The unshared views between local police officer and the community can or may create a sense of insecurities amongst the local people.   The insecurities felt on City Road compare to Broadway Road to some degree as local police officers took safety strongly, as police officers were based at the local school at 3.30pm to 4pm to encourage youth to go home and prevent gang fights, but the locals would have preferred a little more support outside of these hours as drugs and gang violence did not just start at 3.30 and finish at 4pm.    
Amongst safety issues local businesses are struggling to survive against bigger stores like Tesco’s moving who are an international giant, who overall can keep their cost down to attract customers where as small businesses would...