Inequalities on City Road

Drawing on what you have learned from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, describe some inequalities on City Road.
City Road in Cardiff is a good example of a modern cosmopolitan road in Britain.   It has a wide variety of takeouts, restaurants, chain stores and bespoke shops. The road gives a good overview of the local multicultural make up. It demonstrates how people from many different walks of life and different countries come together to form a community. However this is itself can create inequalities, during this assignment I will be exploring the inequalities that exist on this road.
Inequality “The unequal distribution of valued social resources within a society or between societies.” (DD101, Glossary) On City Road there are number of inequalities that the DVD clearly highlights. One of the main factors is that the road and surrounding area is populated by a large number of students this has created inequalities in itself, this can be seen by the amount of budget fast food takeaways on City Road, this has created a standard for local people and the food choices they make. When looking up and down city road, the majority of the shops have special offers on the windows such as reduction in price, or 75% off this is aimed at the local student population to make services more accessible to them. Student accommodation can be seen advertised in a number of different shops these are mostly flats which are located above the high street business, allowing certain business to have a dual purpose.   We also see in the DVD that at night the street becomes inhabited by a much younger population compared to in the day when there a lot of older people(Scene 8, Making Social Lives DVD). This makeup would likely intimidate older people and they would be much less likely to venture out on city road at night. This is shown by the men in “The Municipal Club”(Scene 5, Making Social Lives DVD) who state that they do no longer feel safe walking down City...