Describe Some Inequality on City Road

TMA-01 Drawing on what you have learned from the making social lives DVD and Learning companion 1, describe some inequality on city road.

Inequality refers to the processes that take place in society, and that have the effect of limiting or harming a group’s social status, social class, and social circle these are meaning the tipping power. This TMA I will be describing some of the inequality's that can be seen in the Audio Visual Material and drawing from the Learning Companion 1 book. Some inequality's can be seen simply watching the video.

For example   Leading her Lady's to the African shops and other Afrikan shop, it was a very unique shop with a clear theme to it. By only bringing in products that appeal to Afrikans she is limiting access to the variety of people entering her store to those of similar cultural Origins.
Another inequality identified in t the study material was that many of the local sports centres users actually travelled from outside city road. The general feeling by the public was that the look of the place was too expensive for them to afford when actually the prices were quite reasonable. This shows an inequality in Cultural Capital and knowledge of local amenities available to them.

Some inequality's are much more visible especially during the day and that is for the use of space on city road and a clear battle between pedestrians, road users and bus lanes in this small road area, There is also Cardiff tertiary College which opened in the   hope of   bringing in a more diverse amount of students from different areas of Cardiff; this consistently adds to people and traffic congestion.
Many more inequality's can stem from thing's as simple as having restaurants [as explained In the DVD   ].City road is home to a large variety of food outlets, café’s, restaurants and take away. The inequality seen here stems from that each restaurant is limited to the particular type of cuisine that they serve, For instance an Asian Restaurant on...