Dd101 Tma1 Describe Inequalities on City Road

City road is a highly diverse street in Cardiff, Wales, attracting many residents from mixed ethnic and age groups. Many similarities are observed on City road which reflect upon many streets throughout the world. Alongside these similarities there are also inequalities amongst the people living and using City Road. The aim of this assignment is to describe some of the inequalities on City Road which i've observed through a variety of resources.
  What actually defines an inequality amongst people is a good place to
start. We see this in many areas of life where there is an unequal distribution and relationship amongst people from many sectors through education,class,economy,culture,race,religion,gender,age,disability. Inequality occurs when people don't have the same access to resources putting them at a disadvantage to someone who has access. I will show examples of inequalities on City Road and the affects these have upon lives.
One of the initial points on City road which creates an access inequality that was notable was street furniture, red Tarmac, blue bollards ,traffic
islands, traffic lights, and a lollipop lady. All of these common place on many similar familiar streets. As we know these are taken for granted daily but ask what is the purpose of these items and how this creates inequality? Surely they are placed for safety helping pedestrians navigate the street and perhaps shop on City road. The shop keeper relies on the benefit of a safe street so customers can use his business as the customer also relies on this safety to purchase commodities. Maybe people navigate the street as pedestrians for work purposes.This feature of the street is need for this group of people what group are losing out? Perhaps the person driving down City road for work, the bus taking passengers from one place to another ,the cyclist exercising or commuting. This group of road users are slowed down by the equipment in place designed for pedestrians. This may result in...