Outline How Some Benefit and Others Loose on a Street That You Know.

Outline how some benefit and others loose on a street that you know.

In light of the study material that I have studied and viewed; Making Social Lives (DVD, 2009) and Learning Companion 1, (2013), I am going to explore how High Road, a street that I know and am familiar with, compares to City Road, outlining two different examples of how some people benefit, while others’ loose on this street. High Road, also known as A118, is approximately a 6 mile road, connecting the cosmopolitan municipal end of Ilford to the more rural and native one of Romford in the county of Essex.   Like Lloyd Robson, Making Social Lives (DVD, 2009), I have a sense of belonging to the High Road, I have grown up seeing it transform over the years and currently I even work here.
The first thing that I noticed as I set out to walk around 6 P.M. on a Monday evening, which automatically drew a similarity with City Road, was that it was busy and traffic at this time of the night was manic. Nevertheless there were order and control and everyone, whether in a car, bicycle or on foot, seemed to be following a natural flow of things and moving in a certain direction. Here I sensed the material things such as the traffic signals, police enforcement cameras and road markings controlled the living; drivers and pedestrians alike. The same road when looked at, at a different hour of the day displayed an entirely different image. People engaged in different activities, involving different material things and where the aforesaid traffic lights and road markings were a benefit for all road users at night, they restricted and created a division and inequality for others, preventing them from easily participating in their activities during the early afternoon. Like City Road, High Road has numerous amounts of shops, restaurants and services along the stretch that people use throughout the day. The significant amount of material things restrict and disconnect the group of people that come here for their...