Of Mice and Men Full Essay

In the early 1930`s America and the rest of the world was hit by a great depression. Many people started losing money rapidly, sending millions of people hunting for work or any sort of labour to earn some sort of money or reward. Loneliness was at a major high in these very depressing times. Many people had to leave their homes, families and children. Some travelled alone in search of jobs where as some travelled with a partner. The loneliness drove people into anger, violence and depression. Most travellers always had a dream sitting on the back of their minds which would have helped them through. Some would dream of living on a nice big farm with a big house and lots of animals, where some would dream of things just going back to the ways they used to be and going back with their family. Loneliness is a very harsh side to life, some can cope, and others can’t. The ones that cant are the ones who suffer badly and left scarred mentally. The book which I’m going to be writing my essay on is called “Of Mice and Men” By john Steinbeck. Throughout this poem I will describe the different affects of loneliness.
In this novel a great depression has risen in America sending millions of people without jobs and homes. Two of the people who have been affected by this have the names, George and Lennie. Two very strong hearted and loving people. When Lennie`s aunt Clara dies, George takes over the responsibility of looking after him. They have both lost their jobs and are desperate to find one again. They both travel across America in search of any type of labour work which would earn them some type of money. George is a small down to earth man where as Lennie is huge and seems to lack intelligence on things he says. He’s rather dim. When they both apply for a job on a ranch just next to the Salinas River< George lies about Lennie to the boss and tells him that Lennie is very bright and good worker. Both were accepted. Life on the ranch was...