Of Mice and Men Essay

Kiki Robertson
24 September 20009
Period: 1
Assignment: Of Mice and Men, Major Essay #1 prompt #2
The big dream that George and Lennie always wanted
In the book of Mice of Men by John Stienbeck, George and Lennie have a dream to get their own little place where they can live instead of on the farm in the bunkhouse. Lennie is always excited when he talks about getting their place they always wanted. In their dream they wanted to have a shack, alfalfa, apples, and a lot of other things. Lennie’s part of the dream is to tend all of the rabbits where they live. George knows that it is going to be hard for them to attain their dream. George and Lennie are prevented from attaining their dream because the society’s competitiveness to let guys travel together, Lennie’s inability to stay out of trouble, and George and Lennie’s inability to get all the money needed to buy their dream house.
Society’s competitiveness does not let guys help each other, and this gets in the way of George and Lennie’s dream. For instance, Slim notes that “hardly any of the guys travel together, and go alone (39)”. It seems abnormal to Slim that George and Lennie travel together because he thinks that “maybe everyone in the world is scared of each other” (35) and that no one likes each other, so everyone just goes alone. Therefore, it is weird for George and Lennie to be together and this is also discouraged by society. In addition, to Slim’s thinking, the boss is also suspicious because George is always sticking up for Lennie. The boss notes that he “never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy” (22). Even though that mostly everyone goes alone, George and Lennie have a special bond that will bring them together.
Lennie’s inability to keep himself out of trouble is also preventing them from attaining their dream. Specifically George notes that, “we got to sneak out and get out of the country” (11) and forcing them to have to move because of Lennie getting in to trouble. This...