Essay About Mice and Men

With close reference to the text explain the importance of hopes and dreams in “Of mice and men”.

The themes of hopes and dreams are central to Steinbeck’s novella “Of mice and men”. The book investigates the dreams of a number of characters and the end suggests whether such hopes and dreams are attainable.

The American Dream can be explained as having the opportunity, which allows all people to achieve their aims in life, through the hard work. For others, the American Dream is the opportunity for their children to grow up with an education and career. But the word “dream” suggests that it is something unrealistic and intangible so some people say that the American Dream is impossible because not everyone can gain it through only hard work and determination.

An example of the American Dream is George and Lennie’s main dream- to have their own ranch and therefore be independent. This dream is also share by, Candy and Crooks.

“Someday—we’re gonna get the jack together and we’re gonna have a little house

And a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs.”
That was a typical dream for all men in that times- but not everyone could make this dream come true. George and Lennie’s perfect world would be one of independence. Workers like Lennie and George have no family, no home, and very little control over their lives. They have to do what the boss tells them and they have little to show for it. They only own what they can carry. Therefore, this idea of having such power over their lives is a strong motivation. Candy and Crooks upon hearing about the dream, wanted to join them so that he would not be left alone and the unexpected opportunity offered by Candy’s money means that the dream is no longer a fantasy, but could actually become a reality. Sadly Lennie’s behaviour finally destroys their dream.

George and Lennie have always had these hopes and dreams. From the very start of the novella, we learn how George and Lennie depend on each other. George has...