Of Mice and Men Darkness and Light Essay

Steinbeck uses the images of darkness and light in ‘Of Mice and Men’.

In the novel of mice and men, John Steinbeck uses Darkness and light to create suspense, feelings and moods in the novel. He uses darkness and light to alter our perspectives on the characters and the settings.

The way darkness is usually portrayed as ‘evil’ and mysterious as you cannot see into the darkness. It is the unknown and spooky for what you might find, it could be seen as a lie blocking the truth, death, however you could also think of it as comforting for when it’s a dark night outside and you are curled up around the sofa with a blanket it is really comforting. Darkness does not always equate to evil just as light doesn’t always equate to good. In light you think of yellow happy colours with hope (every cloud has a silver lining) and is joyful, yet light can blind you from the truth.

At the beginning of the novel everything seems too good to be true which always means something bad would normally happen. The way the water had “slipped twinkling over the yellow sands in the sunlight” shows like paradise and something that you would dream about, “willows fresh and green with every spring” which seems untouched by a human hand as its just too pretty and delicate with bright fresh colours used.

Then when you get into the novel Steinbeck uses lots of light and darkness in different ways. Once Lennie and George were all settled in and were sitting in the bunk house “although there was evening brightness showing through the window of the bunkhouse, inside it was dusk” which shows that the light tries to get in but never manages to penetrate the darkness. This is important to the themes of the story as darkness could be seen as more deeper and dense, blocking away the majority of light coming around the bunkhouse. Through out the story it shows that sometimes sunshine peeps through and when it does you have joy, however soon enough it is overcrowded by darkness.

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