Of Mice and Men Essay

George and Lennie were migrant workers who, unlike most who were fairly lonely, have each other. They are each other’s own family. They share the same dream, to have a small farm together.   When we first begin to read Of Mice and Men, we immediately see the contrast between these two characters.   George is described as small, quick and thin. "The first man was small and quick." However, Lennie is “huge", "shapeless of face" and even compared to a bear. Their personality differences caused them to collide sometimes. Lennie sometimes can portray child like behavior which makes George become authoritative over him.
George is a very independent. Although he sometimes acts a bit harsh on Lennie, he is caring and kind towards him. He is never intentionally cruel. George loves Lennie and Lennie feels the same way about him. George knows that his life would be much easier if Lennie didn’t become such a burden sometimes. He states, “God a’mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy. I could get a job an’ work, an’ no trouble.” He only says this because he becomes frustrated though. They were just idle thoughts. He is free to desert Lennie at any time but he choices not to. He cares a lot for him. Lennie also trusts George. He tries hard to remember everything George tells him to do and obeys him unconditionally without asking any questions.
George and Lennie need each other. While George sacrifices what he wants, like job stability, independence and maybe even a girl, he gains a companionship and a loyal friendship at a time when the rest of the world is indifferent to him.   Lennie, as well, sacrifices some personal dignity. Lennie puts up with cruel, humiliating remarks from George, like when he calls him “crazy bastard”, but in return, he gains a provider, protector, and friend.
George and Lennie had a unique friendship. As contrasting as these two characters were, they balanced themselves out.   They each gave something to each other and gained something in return....