Nvq 401

(Reflective Report)

Develop and implement effective communication systems for health and safety information

Unit Aims
• Evaluating health and safety information from external sources of information.
Typical external sources of health and safety information that I use in order to ensure that I keep up to date with the latest legislation and
recommended best practice include HSE website and information bulletins, IOSH website and newsletters and Barbour Index. As well as for
maintaining my level of knowledge I also regularly use this information in order to develop policies, procedures, toolbox talks and training
material for use by my organisation.
• Communicating relevant health and safety information through an effective system within the organisation.
My company has developed an effective mechanism for disseminating information across the business, to which I make a significant
contribution. I have recently been involved in developing the health and safety pages of our internal website that contains all our policies and
relevant procedures. I am also regularly involved in writing health and safety bulletins, newsletters, safety alerts, toolbox talks and the planning
of safety promotional campaigns. Other means on internal communication of health and safety information at various levels include through
board meetings, safety committees and notice boards, as well as simple e-mails responses to requests and enquiries.
• Making sure that relevant health and safety information from their organisation is communicated to statutory and local authorities, relevant
groups and individuals.
The most common example of communication with the HSE and local authorities would be through the submission of F2508 accident
notifications and F10 construction project notifications. I also get involved in providing responses to HSE following inspections or other types of
interventions. Other...