Unit 401 Planning to Meet the Needs of Learners

Planning to meet the needs of learners in education and training
Unit 401.

The purpose of this assignment is to show possible ways in which planning, inclusive teaching and learning can be used within my specialism, and that planning is essential to conducting the perfect lesson.

The role I have been given within my present job is as academy tutor and assessor within a hair and beauty training academy. Currently I am co-tutoring a GCSE group level 2 certificate in hair and beauty (VRQ) from a local high school with the help of a colleague which has been an enjoyable learning curve as this is my first tutoring experience. We use a personalised form of initial assessment within our organisation individual learning plans which help us gather information about the students and if they have any special requirements or learning needs. We do not use a diagnostic assessment as the students are fourteen and just starting their GCSE years we have a very firm link with the school they attend and have full diagnostic results and reports form the teaching staff at the school. This gives us very clear and in-depth information on the students and if they require any further learning aids.
However my aim is to teach NVQ’s in hairdressing which from past personal experience the students will need to take some form of initial assessment and diagnostic assessment as the age group will be post sixteen. Outside of the hairdressing industry people seldom believe that there is much need for functional skills to be a hairdresser, this is highly untrue as like any NVQ students functional skills levels must be up to awarding body and government standards to complete the qualification which is equivalent to GCSE grade C and above.
There are several ways in which we would initial and diagnostic test future students for NVQ. Looking at any prior learning that is relevant to the course, levels of functional skills, any health issues and learning difficulties such as Dyslexia,...