Nvq Advice and Guidance

NVQ Advice and Guidance
Legislation Assignment

1. Please give details of where you would obtain information on national policies and legislation associated with your working role as a guidance worker.

The Guidance Council – This is effectively the national representative for the guidance sector.   With currently over 80 members it is open to all organisations with specific interest in guidance for learning and work.   The Council aims to improve quality and availability of guidance by bringing all those bodies together to promote guideance generally, to share good practice and develop quality standards and guidelines and accredit good quality services.   Intraining is accredited by the Guidance Council.   More information on the code of practice and provision available can be found at www.guidancecouncil.com

The Institute of Careers Guidance – The ICG aims to ensure that individuals are aware of all the opportunities available to them, not only in education   but also in employment.   They also ensure that the individuals know how to access the full range of services to them.   The Institutes produces a code of ethics or best practice that they expect all their members to adhere to.   This code outlines how an impartial guidance service, such as Intraining, should treat each individual.   For example, we must ensure that we help clients to fully understand the full range of services open to them and they know how to access these services.   So on JobMAETS, when we are giving out information on courses and careers we must, inform clients exactly how the service works and how we can help so there can be no confusion or misunderstanding at a later stage.   Tell them of the different routes to a career, whether it be work based or academic.   Give them several options so as to provide the individual with choice.   Advise theindividual of the different services available that can help e.g the Careers and Advice Service, other IAG providers, any associations that may be...