Nvq Level 3 Competency Statement for Hospitality Supervision and Leadership

Competency statement for NVQ Diploma in Hospitality, Supervision and Leadership

Unit Number Unit Title & Description of Competency
CU3093 Monitor and Solve Customer Service Problems
Supervise Food Service Operations

During my time as a Manager within the Hospitality industry one of my key job roles was responding quickly and efficiently to any customer service problems. From dealing with customer complaints to identifying ways in which to improve the service offer.

With regards to customer complaints during service I always adopted the policy of direct action, identifying ways in which the customer can be satisfied that He or She has received an appropriate response to their problem. For example, if a customer has requested that their steak is to be cooked a certain way and that, on arrival at the table, it is clearly not how they asked for it to be cooked I would firstly apologise for the mistake and then explain the options going forward. These would be that a new steak could be prepared (stating the time in which this would take); that a reduction in the final bill would be actioned if necessary or that to ensure continuity in the guest’s experience we could hold off the other guest’s meals whilst a new steak is prepared.

One of the main problems I have encountered with customer service is with table reservation systems. Often popular time slots would be filled up first creating a back log of orders when it came to actual service. Ways in which I have improved and countered this is to have clear table plans for each day in all booking diaries so that staff have a clear idea of available tables and times. Also I have instructed staff that they are to book tables, where possible, in 15 minute increments to ensure a steady flow during actual service. The most effective way in which I have found that this can be achieved is to instruct staff to find out a guests preferred time and if this isn’t available get them to communicate to the guest...