Tech/401 Social Contract

Organizational Technology Plan – Social Contract and Global Issues
Team A
TEC 401
February 27, 2012

Social Contract and Global Issues in Information Technology
      Technology is a major consideration for all organizations conducting business in the 21st century. Organizations need to determine the amount of time and money to invest and what the near-term and long-term technology needs are to support the business. Managers also need to consider technology acquisition and maintenance costs, training employees to use the technology, how new technology will change jobs, the organization’s responsibilities to retrain or dismiss employees whose skills are no longer required, and adapting procedures and technology to the language, culture, and infrastructure in other countries.
The development of the digital age has caused many companies to expand into the global marketplace. But expansion into new markets and the outsourcing of manufacturing products and providing services includes benefits, limitations, and other considerations.
      This paper will cover businesses’ social responsibility to employees and consumers and the challenges of using technology in countries or regions that are geographically separated from businesses’ main facilities and headquarters.
The Internal Aspect of Social Contract
A social contract is: “Unwritten and tacit agreement said to exist among the members of a community or group that guides individual behavior and establishes personal rights and responsibilities. Social contract is deemed essential for any organized group behavior and, in democratic societies, is embodied in the national constitution”. (, 2012).   For a company to boast itself as being excellent in what they do, the cream of the crop, they must begin by establishing a strong internal relationship with its employees.   The employees are what makes or breaks a company.   Employees have a need to be valued and respected, to be acknowledged and...