Nursing Careers

There are many paths that can be taken to become a nurse.   Many students start out as a License Practical Nurses.   A licensed practical nurse is a nurse who is able to perform a wide variety of tasks under the supervision or a Registered Nurse or doctor.   LPNs are also called licensed vocation nurses in some places. They can provide a number of valuable services in different settings, including hospitals, residential care facilities, and private homes. A LPN must take a one year vocational training program. He or she can also choose to pursue certification in specializations.
After completing the certificate program you can either complete a diploma program, an associates program or a Bachelors program to become a registered nurse.   According to Claborn and Zerwekh (2009) a diploma program usually takes 2-3 years to complete and it is located in a hospital setting (p.140).   They are prepared to work as beginning practitioners within many different types of facilities.   When the program is completed the students will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN.
The first degree that you can get in nursing is called an Associate’s Degree.   You will receive this type of degree by attending a nursing program at a community college or some university that has this type of program.   You have to complete “60 to 72 semester credits.”   Community colleges tend to have more of a diverse population.   When you complete the program you will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN.   Many students that earn an Associate’s degree usually further their education.
There are two types of students who attend the baccalaureate programs.   The students who decide to further their education will continue on to become a baccalaureate nurse within two to three years.   The second types of students are those who are coming into the university with nothing and it takes 4 to 5 years to complete the program.   Many of the students who complete this type of programs tend to take on supervisory positions....