‘To be a trusted nurse who provides the highest quality patient centered care, To become a competent professional practitioner,   To restore and give hope and touching people’s life in a significant way’.

Welcome to my portfolio of evidence!
This portfolio of evidence is a guide to proof the level of attained knowledge and gained skills and growth within the different categories and disciplines of the nursing profession. It portrays the underlying values such as the level of passion needed for this profession and the inner drive to serve mankind through the art of nursing.

Nursing is a profession to be proud of, but far more important, is the ability to understand that it is also a very fine art. Yes, without a deep understanding of the human nature and a driving passion and interest, one will not be able to become a nurse that impacts the lives of others in a significant way and to make that change that is needed. It asks from each and every nurse to focus with self sacrifice on the needs of patients as well as that of other role players within the profession, and to understand loneliness and pain and illness and the destruction it may cause to the human mind. Nursing is more about the healing of body AND mind and how patients can experience caring and healing with kindness and understanding. The radiance of every nurse is therefore of the utmost importance and although this portfolio of evidence proofs professionalism in every aspect of knowledge and skill in the profession, it must never be forgotten what positive effects behaviour such as kindness and friendliness can do in the lives of patients, fellow nurses, doctors and other staff alike. Amidst the best scientific treatment possible and available, the lamp of Florence Nightingale still needs to shine in the darkness to bring live and hope at all times where there is despair.

May this portfolio therefore...