Nurse Practitioners

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Brittney Del Pizzo
Mrs. Curle
IB English III
November 5, 2009
Over the course of several generations nursing has become a common career that has opened up several opportunities for individuals in America. A prime example would be the development of nurse practitioners in early times for a chance at a more approachable physician. Nurse practitioners developed in the 1960’s due to a shortage of physicians in rural areas. Over the years, the responsibilities, wages, and educations required to become a nurse practitioner has grown extensively. With a growing demand for nurses across the nation individuals will continue to look within the nursing profession as a means of employment throughout the future.
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Florence Nightingale was a female who established a clear and obvious role for nurses during the 1860’s (“Nursing” 463). Along with her foundation of a nursing industry Nightingale established the Nightingale Home for Nurses, which was ultimately the first school established for nursing, and was located in London (“Nursing” 461). Nightingale occupied many accomplishments within the field of nursing throughout the course of her life, and is considered the founder of modern professional nursing (“Nursing” 462).
As said by Mitchell, there is about 1,835,000 registered nurses, and of that number 95% are women, 7% are black, and 3% are Hispanic and 66% of the registered nurses work in
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hospitals (249). There are a large number of nurses within the United States, but it has not always been this way. The years 1600-1850 were considered the darkest period within the history of nursing, where the nursing industry saw a huge decline in the number of individuals occupying the nursing field. Although throughout the 21st century nursing has been one of the most filled occupations, but experts are projecting a decline. Some experts are projecting a shortage of up to 434,000 nurses by the year 2020, and in...