Soft Skill in Nursing

Contemporary Issues in Professional Practice
Nursing is a practice discipline which is dependency upon a high level of professionalism, ethics and human values that demand for intellect, skill and a high sense of social responsibility. It is refers to all nurses's professional activities, included nursing education, administration, research, and clinical or public health practice. Today nurses are facing the growing complexity and dynamically changing health care environment. Therefore innovation in skill is an important part of the development of the nurses needs opportunities to master their skills. Shamsuddin (2006), agreed in view of James P. Smith, in his 1978 Editorial that higher education would enhance the quality of nursing care and the standing of nursing profession.

Contemporary issue can be defined as the problem, questions and concerns that are current for the present time which is happening or existing at the same time.

Professional practice means, all registered nurses should have aspire to achieve excellence in patient centered care, to practice with awareness, compassion and competence to high ethical and clinical standards from an up to date knowledge base and to be responsive to policy, research and knowledge generations to meet confidence of patients. (Brown and Gobbi 2007).

In this dissertation I will critically analyze what is the contemporary issue in professional practice at my workplace? The issue that i'm going to analyze is soft skill towards our client and how important it is to understand the situation in ordered to overcome it. The aim of this paper is toreflect critically appraise the practice in the light of the issue.

According to Ministry of Health Malaysia report, number of complaints about health care provider especially nurses are increasing day by day. Related to the matter, I have decided to choose soft skills among nurses as a contemporary issue. I also have critically analyzed the issues of the soft skills and...