My Nursing Career


My Nursing Career
      My nursing career had an unexpected start.   I cannot say that I have always dreamed about becoming a nurse.   I taught of becoming a nurse two weeks before taking an interview to enter the school of nursing.   During my nursing career I have worked in different areas and I believe that I cannot say that I love one area more than the other.   I have been motivated by different things in my nursing career but I think that the patients motivate me more than anything else.   The thing that frustrates me more is whenever the doctors treat me as if I do not know what I am doing.   I hope that with the additional education it will open more doors for me.
      The purpose of this paper is to share my experience with others and to evaluate myself to know where I am, where I have been and where I am going.
My nursing career
      My nursing career began when I heard an advertisement on the radio.   I have always wanted to become an accountant.   After graduating from high school I was job hunting and was working at a bookstore as a clerk at day and a cashier at nights.   One day I heard the advertisement on the radio and I decided to take up the offer just for a job.   I went for the interview and for some reason God was on my side.   I entered Belize school of Nursing in September 1987 and completed the RN program July 1991.   I worked in different areas such as Medical/Surgical areas, Pediatric unit, NICU and OB/GYN.   I began the Midwifery Program September 1997.   I took the NCLEX June 2004 and was successful.   I decided to come and work in the United States so that I can have a better future and a better retirement when I get older.   I am presently working at Medical Surgical unit.
Motivation in Nursing Career
    There are many things that have motivated me along the way to continue in the nursing profession.   The number one reason has been the satisfaction I get when I see my patients get well and return home.   Recently I had a...