Nature vs Surture

Hereditary Vs. Environment: Which Has More Influence?

The Hereditary versus environment debate concerns the relative importance of an individual’s innate qualities versus personal experiences in determining or causing differences in physical and behavioral traits.   (Ridley, M (2003, 05 23). In other words, what makes a person who they are?   Personally, I fell that the environment has more to do with a child’s development than genetics.
Almost everyone in some form or another has an opinion on which is truly more important, hereditary or environment. The director of a group called the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart, Thomas Bouchard, believes that 70 percent of a person’s personality is genetic and 30 percent is due to environment.   The director of the Lewisville Twin Study, Adam Matheny, however, says it is 50-50.
People have know for year that
Environmental factors include the influences of development arising from prenatal, parental, extended family and peer experiences.   It also extends to such influences as media, marketing, and economic status. Although most people consider childhood experience to be most influential in who the child becomes, you might count all life experiences as an environmental factor.

Identical twins, particularly those raised separately, are a natural way to view nature versus nurture because they are exactly the same genetically (nature).   This means that a large part of the differences between the two have something to do with nurture and the environment they grew up in.   It is often thought that a pair of identical twins raised together may be more different than a pair raised apart.   The problem is that there have only been about 100 pairs of twins like these that have ever been studied.   This creates a fairly small amount of data to study.   There is a reason that the twins may be more similar if they are raised separately.   It is thought that twins raised together may “divide up the territory” and also...