Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture
Heredity vs. Environment

After reading the chapter on Socialization and watching the movie “Nell” I feel that nurture or a persons’ environment is the most logical reasoning for determining human behavior.   In my opinion the only way for learning behaviors is by observing that behavior.
In the chapter it shows how a child that is left in the wild will develop the behaviors of wild animals that have taken him/her in. These children learn the behaviors that are presented to them. Whether it be walking on all fours, biting, scratching, or growling these children have associated this behavior with survival.
While in the case of “Nell” the movie, Nell is in a living environment where she learned from what was around her. Her mother had reportedly had strokes and was unable to speak clearly. This is how Nell learned how to speak. In words that she did not finish the ends of the words or she had her own language. Also, Nell was a twin that is also a reason for her own language. Twins tend to speak so that they can understand one another and only one another. They do not want others to be able to comprehend what it is they are saying.

People are born with the capability to form a “self”, but the self must be socially constructed. Social interaction is vital in becoming someone that is capable of doing or being the best person they can possibly be.
As a child I was caring, funny, enthusiastic, honest, friendly, loyal, kind, loving and somewhat rebellious. I was more rebellious towards my parents than anyone, but what child isn’t at times? Since growing up and experiencing life I am still all of those but would love to add sincere, accepting, determined, forgiving and now courageous.
I would like to think that my children have given me the necessary tools to help guide my choices in life. Most recently, January 2010, I was diagnosed with oligodendreglioma, It is a cancerous brain tumor. I underwent surgery to remove the tumor and recently...