Nature vs Nurture

My personality is determined by my nature, not my nurture.   True or False?   Give reasons for your view and consider the major theories of personality and the evidence discussed in the text.

It has been a constantly debated topic over history, ceaseless, and more often than not, without reaching any conclusion at all. There was a time when whole scientific efforts were concentrated mainly on the science involved behind birth, growth and death. As time went by, logically unexplainable human acts ranging from the most bizarre to the most evil have blotted the pages of time thus defining important chapters in our human history. From life-changing and awe inspiring great human souls to mass murdering and narcissistic despots, people, or rather psychologists and others in the field alike, started pondering on what made these inventors,heroes, dictators or despots act or think in such ways. What caused them to make such decisions? What was it that spurred them to use their intelligence to terrific effect, whether it be for good or evil? We all can safely assume that one's individual and unique personality, which stamps its individuality even on similar genome sharing twins, is the major driving force behind one's action and the answer to these questions. Unfortunately, the ultimate question that has torn apart many, from the layman to the esteemed psychologist, is that what is it that creates and shapes this thing called personality? Is it Nature or Nurture?

World reknowned psychologist, Donald Hebb once responded that " to pose this question is akin to what contributes more to the area of a rectangle, the length or the width?" when asked if nature or nurture contributed more to the development of personality. So many years later, even with far more impressive technological advances, we are still left wandering, with Hebb's brilliant quote still whispering in our ears. Researchers have constantly been divided between these two factors, results very often swinging...