Nature vs. Nurture

Doesn’t it seem like it’s always easier to do what you want, rather than do what is right?
Some people believe that humans are naturally evil. Others believe that humans are naturally good, but looking back in history and even now, more people are essentially evil rather than good. Everyone has a different opinion on this subject. For most it is very easy to be bad, while it is very difficult to be good.
One example from history stating that humans are naturally evil is Hitler. He started the Nazi party. Hitler also killed everyone who didn’t have the same beliefs as him. His actions and views led to the start of WWII. To be good, he would have had to put effort into understanding and viewing others beliefs and views.
Ted Bundy, another great example. Bundy was considered the most notorious murderer in the United States. He raped, kidnapped, and killed women throughout a period of about 4 years. Ted Bundy, when questioned, confessed to over 30 murders of women and girls. Ted Bundy was evil; to have been “good” he would have had to control his “urges”, which is a lot harder than doing whatever you want.
Out of the book, Lord of the Flies, one of the main characters, Jack was another example of natural evil. He would kill the other boys even though they were innocent. He was the one getting everyone into fights and encouraging people to do bad things, and turn on each other. Jack also made his “group” turn on Ralph’s “group” that ends up getting some of the boys hurt and piggy killed for no reason.   Jack has no regret or sadness for doing any of this.
Humans are naturally evil, but by their parents or guardians are raised to be good. All people don’t end up getting raised that way, so that is why they stay acting bad. Some people believe that humans choose to act evil or good. In life there is no way to chose how you will be raised or who you were born too. You have no way of telling who your parents will be or how they will raise you, or how you will turn out...