Nature vs. Nurture

Brad South
English 15 (Section 002)
“Formal Argument”
The Mysteries of Nature vs. Nurture
The argument of nature versus nurture has gone on for also long as humans started to contemplate the world around them. Within this debate there are two main controversies. The first main controversy is whether or not social behavior is contributed to genes or how a person is raised. There have been many studies done to show that nurture is the main cause to social behavior.
In a study done by Eric Plug and Vim Vijverberg, they asked the question on whether education was based on how intelligent the parents were or whether the parental ability was passed down to the next generation. In this study the parents as well as the children were given I.Q. tests. When analyzing the results of these tests Eric plug stated, “It’s interesting, the children with the parents who have above normal I.Q.s scored lower than the children with the parents who had normal to below normal I.Q.s” (Eric Plug) Later on in the study the two men discovered why the children scored lower than the ones whose parents scored close to average on the test. The parents played a role I how involved the kids became in their education.
In observing the day to day lives of the kids another trend was discovered. Those children who scored lower were not as interested in grades. When asked why, most of them responded that their friends were not all that interested and neither were they. They also asked the other group of children why they thought they scored high. The majority stated that they needed to concentrate on their education so they could get a good job. The most interesting comment was from the parents who scored below average on the I.Q. test. They said that they make sure that their kids focus on their grades so they can have better opportunities than they did.
In all the instances within the study, how the kids performed was based on how they felt about grades. Due to their...