My Teachers

Advanced TEFL Certificate
Discussion : My Teachers

By:   Anies P. Weller

In my view, the characteristics of an effective teacher are the ability to convey positive expectations towards the students at all times, having good classroom management skills and designing lessons to match student ability so they are able to experience the positive feeling of achievement as they go along.

A good and effective teacher should also continuously motivate, encourage and guide their students to achieve their goal and show pride for their achievements. It is also very important for the teacher to always display confidence in their student’s abilities and achievements by recognising and appreciating the progress they make.
Even it has been a long time since I myself was a student, I do recall vividly the very first time I was attending English language classes in my home country of Indonesia.   I was in grade 7 and I do remember like yesterday my first few months of learning English. I just loved the subject and the new language and often dreamed about traveling the world visiting places and countries where English language is spoken.
My English teacher was in every way an inspiration for me. Being dedicated and supportive, her teaching methods and techniques were varied, creating interest for the subject matter in me and my fellow students. Her approach made the student wanting to learn more and immerse further into the topic.

She often did “Role Plays” and showed us many pictures of English speaking countries. For me this English teacher was the most ideal teacher anybody could ask for. Passionate and engaging, her way of teaching was motivating and inspiring for the students and allowing them to understand how important the language skill was and where the knowledge of English language could take us to.
She always went an extra mile in presenting and revisiting lessons, making sure that at the end of each class all students had understood their subject matter and...