Do you agree or disagree with following statement? (2007.5.19)
Teachers should be paid as much as doctors, lawyers, or leaders of businesses are.
Use reasons and specific details to support your answer.

It has been argued among many people whether the payment of teachers should be as much as those of doctors, lawyers, or leaders of businesses.
Although it is true that paying a great amount of money can impose a heavy financial burden on the government’s budgets,
I believe that they deserve to earn as much as other professionals do.
In this essay, I will present briefly two reasons to support my opinion.

Most of all, teachers deserve to be paid as much as other professionals because they contribute as preponderantly to the development of their country as the other professionals.

Detail Block 1     경영자들 기업과 국가경제발전 기여에 따라 지불 받는다고 한다면, 선생님도 국가 경제발전에 경영자만큼 기여
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Given that
leaders of businesses are paid greatly because of their contribution to the national economy,
teachers are making as important a contribution to the economy of their country
                as the business leaders do.
Particularly, teachers discover their pupils’ talent as early as possible
          and   develop the gift intensively,
          cultivating them into leaders who can lead this society in the future.

Detail Block 2
In that   teachers are heightening   the level of intelligence of ordinary people in their nation
      by teaching them fundamental knowledge,
      they are making a great contribution to the improvement of the country.

In this respect, they should be rewarded with much economic benefit.

Moreover, teachers deserve to earn an equal amount of money wither other leaders in society in that they make an enormous contribution to rendering this society secure and healthy.

Detail Block 3
in the period of development,   most people envision their future life   with the help of...