Why I Choose to Be a Teacher

Reasons why I choose to be a teacher

Once I thought it was hard to solve all the problems in the world, it was almost impossible to change every situation in every different life, but an answer came up from my mind; if a person acts according to the influences of his environment it would be the same environment the one who changed his life, and an easy way to influence a person is teaching him. That’s why I choose to be a teacher; to change others’ life.
I always reproached the way I was taught. In high school my teachers were terrible, they didn’t have any pedagogy, even when they knew that those years were the base of our formation they just acted like if we were a simple product, something that came and went. I don’t know if it happened because they were not able to teach youngsters or if they just had chosen something they were not good at. I saw that for this reason most of my partners were not good at math or literature, they were disrespectful and very irresponsible, besides most of them had a bad family.
I can’t say neither I had a good family nor good teachers but at least I tried to improve my knowledge, I read, I saw documentaries, and I continuously explained to my friends things that my teachers didn’t do. Maybe these actions drove me more and more to what I want to become today, a teacher. Although, sometimes I am a little bit nervous when I have to speak in public, I love teaching and I am very good doing it.
I’ve always thought that if a person wants to work as a teacher it has to be conscious about all the responsibilities and implications it brings. If you do a bad work you will obtain bad students, people with no values and with a low level of knowledge, but if you are constantly paying attention about students’ problems and explaining with examples and anecdotes things that happen around them you’ll have students able to take good decisions and to criticize the world they live in, trying to make it better.
Another reason why I choose to...