Descride What Your Role, Responsibility and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher

Describe what your role, responsibility and boundaries would be as a teacher in the terms of the teaching/training cycle.
The teaching cycle is a process of five areas which link in to each other and when complete represent training that can truly be effective. The five stages are, to identify the needs, to plan and design, to deliver or facilitate, to assess and to evaluate. As the process is a cycle it can be started at any point and worked through until all areas are complete.
The teacher’s role in this cycle is to ensure each area is covered fully and to reflect and assess each area looking for areas of improvement to ease the learning process. As learning needs are assessed thought should be given towards both the group as a whole and towards the individuals amongst the group, with a responsibility to successfully identify the overall training needs of the group being used to set training goals and objectives and learning needs or requirements of each individual. Our role in planning is to ensure our scheme of work, session’s plans, resources and learning aids meet the learning needs of the group in an effective manner. As we start to deliver each session we should ensure our delivery methods are suitable for the learning styles of the students and that teaching activities are varied to encompass each learning style, there is also a responsibility to ensure that as individual learning requirements are raised any requirements that are in excess of the teachers experiences and qualifications should be referred on to more experienced teachers and learning centres. Teachers should use differing methods of assessment appropriate to the skills or knowledge being taught these can vary from practical scenarios to essays or course work, teachers have a responsibility to ensure a fair assessment process for every individual and that records are kept of each assessment including feedback given. Each session and overall course should be evaluated by both the students,...