My Chosen Street

Drawing on what you have learned about City Road, outline some of the inequalities on a street that you know.


Drawing on the evidence of Blakely et al City Road, Cardiff; I will compare City Road with Gold Street, Northampton. Inequalities in streets in the UK can be perceived differently based on our personal experiences.   We sometimes categorise people based on what we see or hear through others and how society affects our thoughts. This essay will describe the inequalities of Finance, Access, Impact of Immigration and the Sharing of Social Space and Safety.

Northampton is a historical town famous for its shoe making industry since the 15th century. The industry has declined over recent years but there is still a small industry making specialised shoes for the higher end designer market. This can be compared with the decline of the motor industry on City Road.
Gold Street is a small shopping street lying to the west of the main town centre area.   (Northamptonshire-history, accessed May 2011)

Gold Street had not been upgraded for many years and in 2009 work begun to make the street pedestrian-friendly. This led to digging up the road where a glimpse of medieval road was found below the surface of the street.   There were other artefacts found by archaeologists.   Councillor Hawkins said: " It's not surprising in Northampton to find evidence of the shoe industry, but some of the things they have found are really beautiful, they are a real part of the town's history."     (Northamptonchron, accessed May 2011)

As this was a much neglected part of the town, the purpose of the project was to make the street more welcoming to pedestrians and boost businesses in the area. This was also to balance the road space in favour of pedestrians and public transport, eliminate the traffic and parking issues on the street, thus making it safer. This can be compared to some parts of City Road in the film (Making Lives DVD, 2009) and in this case there are...