How Some Benefit and Others Lose on a Street

How do some benefit and some lose on a street that I Know?
After consideration of the study material I have observed and listened to and from the DVD- Making Social Lives and the Learning Companion 1, I decided to use a street   I have known for a long time, but   is at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to size and activity, when compared with ‘The street’ in Cardiff, which according to the film is almost a mile long and extremely busy, (‘Making social lives’,2009, scene 1)
Let me introduce you to my street, It is Springfield Road and runs through the small village of Elburton outside of Plymouth, not   long at all but shows some similarities to The Street’ in that it has a variety of shops.
It is suggested that we try to look at streets in a few different ways, being, people and activities, space, different angles and various uses of streets (Bromley-‘Making Social Lives’,2009 scene1)
I will expand on the people and activities in and around Springfield Road to emphasize how ‘Some benefit and Some Lose’ on my Street.
Springfield Road is   home to a Retirement home, it is directly on the road and is home to a number of residents, and mostly these elderly people do not drive and so are limited in options of shopping and places to go for social gatherings. However that said, Springfield Road is also the home to a local Warrens bakery with a tea room and a number of Charity shops, where the elderly like to go for a natter, some company, and a browse through the clothes and books which are not too costly. There is also a Church within walking distance that puts on a coffee morning for the Old Age Pensioners.
These elderly people have plenty within the confines of their very own street, without having to venture into town on a bus. A cosy tea room in which to have a chat and feel welcome and safe, very similar to the Taste Buds Café in the Street. As said in the DVD – many places have a dual function, the main business and then creating a sense of...