Drawing on What You Have Learned About City Road, Outline Some of the Inequalities on a Street You Know.

I have chosen Font y Gary Road , Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan South Wales to highlight some of the inequalities and differences socially that exist there and compare them with City Road.

Font y Gary Road is the main road running through the village of Rhoose, to the West it links the smaller mainly residential village of Aberthaw and to the East the town of Barry. It has smaller side   roads leading off at various points that connect it to other small residential areas . Font y Gary Road itself is made up of mixture of residential properties, small to medium sized family businesses, a primary school , Leisure Centre, Spar and a   Tesco's Metro.

I have chosen to focus on three of the inequalities I have noticed   that exist on Font-y -Gary, firstly the gridlock that occurs outside the primary school due to the competition for parking at certain times, then the competition between Lester's, a small local grocery store and the newly opened Tesco's and finally the way in which the local leisure centre is taken over by holiday makers at certain times of the year.

Rhoose primary school with approximately 200 pupils is in the heart of Font y Gary, it has no facility attached to it for off road parking, as a result of this parents from outside the immediate locality dropping off and collecting their children there by car try to park as close to the school as possible, temporarily blocking private residential and business driveways, pavements and footpaths. The lay out of the road systems around the school and the loose nature of the existing traffic legislation allow them to do this. Residents have appealed to outlaw all parking along that particular stretch ,but the council have refused claiming that it would simply push the problem further along the street and create similar   problems. This reminded me of the conversation between Lloyd Robson and Jose Ramos Suarez and how his concerns were primarily restricted to how the proposed bus lane would affect parking in...