Dd101 Tma 1 City Road

This essay is going to discuss   City Road and my chosen street Jersey Road for the similarities in the present time and in the past, and also it will be used to discuss how the streets are used in the day and night, the people that use the streets and the activities that occur there.

One of the main differences between Jersey Road and City Road is location. Jersey Road is situated in a small mining village in the welsh valleys and City Road is located in the capital city Cardiff. In the past Jersey Road was known to have anything up to 40 businesses on it at any given time, these days however there are just 6, A post office, a chemist, a family run shop and nearby pub, a Chinese takeaway and the local co-op store which was run and funded by the people of the village until the larger co-operative store took it over in 1983.
Just like on City Road the businesses in Jersey Road was effected by the opening of bigger stores although on Jersey Road the opening of a Tesco’s store nearby wasn’t solely to blame for the closure of the businesses it did however have a massive impact on them. With a far greater variety of goods at a cheaper rate available elsewhere people stopped using local stores as they ventured further afield. We know of this impact on City Road from the course material DVD when Lloyd Robson interviews one local trader, he tells how a nearby newsagents closed due to the opening of a bigger spar store nearby.
There are also similarities between the streets in regards to how the streets are used and the people that use them during the night and day. From the course DVD 2   we can see that during the day City Road is well used by traffic and pedestrians. Most of the cars that travel through City Road use it as I thoroughfare to other places whereas the pedestrians shop there or work there.
A similar thing happens on Jersey Road in the day time and these similarities also run into the evening. The older locals don’t seem to feel safe in either street at...