In Light of What You Have Learned About City Road, Describe Some of the Inequalities on a Street Which You Know.

In huge contrast to City Road in Cardiff, my chosen street is just   half a mile in length and is located in a quiet , rural market town in Essex.   Historically, there are records of a market at it's entrance (West Square) dating back to the mid 10th Century.   There is also a reference to a shop “le Draperie” in 1407, although no official record exists (Stephen Alsford, 1998-2005).  

It was journaled in 1818 that Maldon consisted of one street running almost a mile from West to East with one main cross street and several avenues and back lanes (Excursions in the County of Essex Vol 1).   This is still true today. High Street commences at West Square and travels East for half a mile until it merges with Mill Road.

My observations of this street will show that inequalities are present despite geographical and cultural differences.   I will be focusing on buildings, shops, social lives, restaurants and infrastructure and comparing them with what I have learned of City Road.

Entering High Street from West Square it is notable that the buildings are of grand design.   Many of them were re-vamped in 18th Century over   original Saxon buildings (www./ This is a huge contrast to the modern eye level changes to Cardiff Tertiary College on City road (Material Lives, Scene 4).

High Street is host to a large array of individual specialist shops, chain stores and a monthly, thriving, Farmers' Market.   The emphasis on locally produced food and commodities is hugely evident in most of the specialist shops, unlike on City Road.   For example, the proprietor of Xquisite Africa sources the majority of their products from Africa to help support   it's economy ('Making Social Lives on City Road', 2009, scene 2).   A contrasting example here is of Sally Green, who sells organic vegetables, jams and preserves produced locally, including on her own family farm.   Although there are huge differences in cultural and geographical backgrounds both businesses...