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Product Launch Plan: Starbucks KickStart

May 26, 2013

Product Launch Plan: Starbucks KickStart
“Campaigns are coordinated, purposeful, extended efforts designed to achieve a specific goal or a set of interrelated goals that will move the organization toward a longer-range objective expressed as its mission statement” (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2004, p. 301).   The Starbucks KickStart Caffeine-Infused Breads marketing and campaign team explains the product description, positioning, targeting, market needs, market potential, and growth, a SWOT analysis, the competition, marketing objectives, and strategy, pricing, communications, distribution strategy, financial information, and market research required to successfully launch   the new product in the United States and Canada.  
The information below encompasses the master marketing plan for a new product that Starbucks plans to create, develop, bake, and distribute to Starbucks owned locations and potentially to supermarkets, convenience stores, and other locations as deemed appropriate in the United States and Canada respectively.
Product Description
According to Jim Donald, former CEO of Starbucks, “our goal is to continue to stay on point for new areas of focus we can convert into beverage and food offerings and other forms of keeping the Starbucks experience out in front of everyone” (Pellet, 2006, n.p.).   Starbucks development of KickStart Caffeine-Infused Breads is to provide the caffeine kick needed to jump start a consumer’s day, but in the form of solid food versus a liquid beverage.   By adding 200 milligrams of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine into the bread dough, Starbucks can deliver great-tasting banana bread that provides sustenance to hungry, non-coffee drinkers.

Product Positioning
Positioning the newest Starbucks product, KickStart Caffeine-Infused Bread comes as a result of research and experience. "Product positioning refers to consumers' perceptions of a product's...