Mkt/571 Week 4

Channel and Pricing Strategies
Effua McGowan, Jamonica Disser, Josh Ray, Nicole Walls, Tamara Spells, Toi Eshun
October 29th, 2012
MKT/571 Marketing
Greg Luce

Channel and Pricing Strategies
As Kudler Fine Foods looks to expand its footprint internationally it has many choices.   The company has decided to grow in Africa, near Ghana, and is considering the country of Cameroon.   Before making investments the company must better understand the local market, its size, growth rate, and profitability.   Kudler must consider the local government and the fiscal policies it has in place and how those will affect the bottom line.   The technology that is available, the social, and cultural differences are also key issues that Kudler must understand before expanding.   The goal of this report is to outline the opportunities and risks associated with Cameroon as a potential expansion market.
What is the Sustainability of the Market?
The decision to take Kudler Foods to an international market has sustainability. As an organization Kudler Foods decided to launch canned milk as the staple product for its international launch. The home base is Ghana and as Kudler Foods makes the decision to go international it has decided to stay within the same region to use another African country as an additional test market. Kudler will launch a store and new product in Cameroon.   Cameroon is developing rapidly (Cameroon). Cameroon offers not only the traditional aspect of Africa with vast land and beaches; it also offers a developing township that has started to attract more tourism to the country.   As Cameroon is growing, it is attracting more people each year. This will give sustainability to the market because Kudler can market and reach the people of the country and the tourists. The market will not only be able to provide aspects of the culture of the country it will also provide aspects of what Kudler was established on and this will help keep the market   an...