Mkt 561 Communication Plan

One-click Flooring Communication Plan



April 19th, 2010
Nancy Johnson
        One-click Flooring Communication Plan
        The success of One-click’s marketing strategy through Europe will heavily rely on communication efforts with its local and foreign markets.   Strict financial planning will be crucial to ensure One-click does not exhaust all its resources.   Different media outlets as well as implementing new marketing technologies will allow all potential customers the opportunity to learn about the variety of products available and possible promotions.   Environmental preservation is a large concern for many European markets therefore On-click will make sure that these markets understand the eco-friendly products available.   Diversity and product awareness are key aspects allowing One-click to reach a large spectrum of potential customers.
One-click Flooring has the ambition to become Europe’s largest online laminate flooring retailer. Marketing plays a key role in fulfilling this ambition. This paper describes One-click’s communication plan for the European market.
Factors in Effective Marketing
        The communication plan's ultimate focus is to brand a product or service to potential customers at the right time, at the right place. There are many important factors that are critical to the success of the communication plan for One-click such as: financial budgets, marketing time span, consistency, and internal and external resources to help implement the plan. This plan will be linked to the overall strategic business plan that aligns with the organization mission and objectives and must be reviewed and revised as often as business demands require.   Flexibility in the plan is also important to be able to quickly adapt to new market trends in order to lead in consumer spending (Creating an integrated, 2010).
      One-click will need to design a marketing budget and promotion time span in order to determine the most cost...