Mkt 571 Classic Airlines Marketing Concepts


Classic Airlines and Marketing
Micah Stanley
University of Phoenix
MKT 571
Professor Meraj Khan

Often times there are many difficult scenarios that face a company over time and the Classic Airlines is experiencing one of these now. During these times there will be several factors involved and possible directs to choose between. This document will present marketing concepts found in the Classic Airlines scenario and how they correlate to the readings. These concepts could help Classic Airlines decide the best course of action to take moving forward.
Marketing Concepts
Within the Classic Airlines scenario presented, one of the concepts found both that Kotler mentions in the text is that of changing from emphasizing tangible assets to emphasizing intangible objects. This is shown in the email correspondences found in the scenario where the management is trying to understand the customer at a deeper level and supply them with what is most important to them. Kevin begins to talk about this on page five of the scenario with Renee in reference to the use of the CRM system that is not being utilized as it should be. (Classic Airlines, 6) The CRM system has data collected from customers over an extended period of time that has not been used yet but not it seems now it will be reviewed to see what the customers have been informing Classic Airlines about.  
Another of the concepts that presents itself within the scenario that is extremely vital to the success of any concept is defining the problem. All throughout the scenario Kevin and his team are digging in and determining what it is that the customer most wants. Kevin’s team has begun with the knowledge that 20% of their frequent flier members have left, and of the remaining members, the flights have decreased by 20% as well. So the problem is that the current way business is being done at Classic Airlines is not retaining the...