Every day, paper receipt cost retailers millions of dollars, resulting in the destruction of acres of trees. To resolve the issue, Tracking Solutions Incorporated (TSI) proposes the development of Easy Receipt, a new service that allows retailers to offer customers their choice of paper or electronic receipt, regardless the payment method.   This paper will discuss the marketing plan for the Easy Receipt service.
Need and Solution Identification – How and Why
Many retail stores today are requiring receipts for refunds or exchanges on products that a company sells. Consumers are finding these policies to be inconvenient, bothersome, and extremely frustrating.   As a result, consumers will shop retailers that provide electronic receipts for every individual transaction linked to a store credit card. For example, Target and Kohl’s offer receipt look up services if an individual made the purchase with his or her retail credit card. Providing this service allows fast and convenient customer service and is seen by consumers as an additional perk for shopping at these retail stores.   However, many retailers and other types of businesses do not provide this service to consumers for any given number of reasons. Therefore, developing the idea of offering paperless receipts for any transaction and for any business providing products or services would fulfill consumer need and increase customer service expectations.   The Easy Receipt, provided by TSI, will offer an electronic receipt that can be emailed to a consumers e-mail account for a nominal fee. This will allow the consumer to retrieve any E-Receipt for purchases made and allow for fast and convenient returns, exchanges or warranty issues. More importantly a consumer will no longer have to search for lost or misplaced receipts.  
This service is beneficial to both businesses and consumers. The consumer has the convenience of worry free shopping, returns, exchanges, and does not have to possess a retailer’s credit...