Decisions in Paradise Part 1

Decisions in Paradise Part 1
Lenore Carswell
November 21, 2011
Jeffrey McNickle

Decisions in Paradise Part 1
Development of business processes in new locations can often be time consuming; this is due to the need for defining and identifying any short term or long term issues that may arise in the course of starting up the business and keeping it running. A thorough evaluation of the local economy, location, population, cultures, language, and threat assessments is paramount to ensuring that a business is successful, while bringing a welcome addition to the local economy and culture.
Identifying Issues
Kava is located in the South Pacific; this location is excellent for agriculture and tourism. The issues any businesses expecting to develop and become successful have to identify on Kava are natural disasters, such as tsunami, floods, typhoons, and volcano eruptions. Others are terrorism and health issues such as HIV and avian flu.   These issues are all factors when developing mission goals, human resources, building permanent structures and developing a business plan for the new operation. Along with natural and man-made disasters the understanding of local customs and cultures and positive interaction with the government are also of importance.
Any decisions made entails taking into account all of the above issues. Natural disasters affect the importing and exporting of goods that a business manufactures or buys to build or make their products.   These disasters also affect timelines due to work stoppage, the need for solid foundations when building a permanent structure is important. Identifying safe areas in which to build these structures ensure it is safe from most of the natural disasters. Location also is important for workers who must travel to work. Is the location in an area that is safe, secure, and still within the local community. Building strong working relationships with the local communities, government agencies, and religious...