Decisions in Paradise Part Iii

Decisions in Paradise Part II
Ranza Martin
February 8, 2012
Paul Larson

Decisions in Paradise Part II
In the following discussion of decision in paradise part II the following topics will be addressed, applied decisions-making technique that will identify the solutions.   Analysis in specific steps utilized in applied selected decision-making techniques.   Along with definitions and various elements of critical thinking this paper will also examine the decision-making model selected and explain how it influences and even impacts the proposed solutions to improve the company‚Äôs presents in Kava.
As discussed in decisions in paradise part I, the growing concerns and effects of the life threating disease HIV/AIDS, and the avian flu better known as the bird flu, are a definite issue that must be addressed and contained.   HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that can also be transmitted through any bodily fluids.   It can also be spread by contact with infected blood, or from mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or breast-feeding (   Avian influenza is flu infection in birds (   This infection in birds can mutate or change to infect humans.   Both of these are life threating illness that can and should be prevented.   The purpose of education and immunizing the people of Kava is to save lives because not only do these diseases affect the person who contracts them it also affects family, friends, and loved one.   Other factors include the cost to treat the individual, the cost for family support or counseling as well as funeral expenses.
The cost to treat an AIDS victim is between $14,999 to $34,999 U. S. dollars.   This does not include home care providers nor does it include the support programs or counseling/ therapy that the individual as well as family or love ones may need, nor does it include the cost of the funeral.   The problem that may arise in here in Kava is that is a poor area and does...