Decisions in Paradise Part 1

Decisions in Paradise Part I
An island named Kava in the South Pacific has the potential to be a true paradise.   The recent round of natural disasters has stripped the island of the pride it once had.   The businesses that have survived the disasters need a back up source of fuel because of major supply lines broken and not sure how long it will take to have service restored from those suppliers.   Amerigas Propane can supply just such an alternative source of fuel.   I will briefly describe some obstacles environmentally and organizationally, also the organizational process, human resources decisions, and ethical commitment of Amerigas Propane.
Environmental and Organizational Obstacles
The South Pacific island of Kava has many resources such as petroleum, natural gas, fishing, coffee, bananas, cocoa, and tourism as well as quality, inexpensive labor.   With this in mind, the construction of the new facility would be completed by skilled technicians and local workers this would be a much needed boost for the economy of Kava.   Propane is a byproduct of petroleum, so the cost to produce it will be minimal.   The time line for construction of the new Amerigas plant would be determined once a suitable site could be found.   Then a more comprehensive view and breakdown could be done for the cost benefit analysis.
The competition would be the electric company and natural gas both of which operate with main supply lines.   Propane can to be more localized, which in turn would mean less interruption of service if another major disaster were to occur.   This would be the selling point brought before the future customers of Kava.
When construction is complete, Amerigas Propane would offer free service installations for a time.   This would appeal to the consumer, as it would show that Amerigas Propane is there to help the island nation and become a part of their everyday existence.   The technicians would be certified in their job and ensure that all the proper guidelines...