Decisions in Paridise Part Two

Decisions in Paradise Part One and Two
Sarah Martin
MGT 350
June 23, 2010
Timothy Sheaffer

Decisions in Paradise Part One and Two
After completing school, Nik was hired at Martin Services. His first assignment was to go to the island country of Kava, located in the South Pacific. It was all she could imagine in a physical paradise; white beach, gentle surf, swaying palm trees, tropical breeze, and much more. During the first week on the job, Nik received a brief introduction to the company, HR procedures, organizational processes, an overview of Kava, and flight arrangements. Nik received a great deal of help planning the trip, however no one could tell her exactly what she would be doing when she arrived there. The only thing anyone knew was that she would be working with Alex, the Director of Strategic Planning. When Nik asked more about Alex she was told that he was extremely experienced, very demanding, and an influential executive. The rest of the employees kept telling Nik that it was a great opportunity for her to be able to work with Alex. The next week Nik left for Kava (University of Phoenix, 2010).
The Island of Kava was nothing like Nik assumed. The paradise she envisioned was a complete mess. Not only was the paradise a mess, the office was as well. “So much for perception is reality” (University of Phoenix, 2010). What was the problem? How did this happen?
Alex briefed Nik on Kava. The economy provides petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, tourism, fishing, natural gasses, as well as inexpensive, quality labor. The population consists of more than 50% being under the age of 15. There is also an ethnic mix including indigenous South Pacific tribes, Asian, African, French, Spanish, and American. Due to the ethnic mix, there is also a religious mix consisting of 50% indigenous, and the other 50% are a combination of Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic. Both of these cause a variety of languages as well; numerous indigenous, English,...