Mgt 521 Week 2

Manager Functions in Areas of Business

Ashleigh Closen


August 28, 2013
Ms. Lann

Functional Areas of Business Paper

      Managers are essential to businesses because of the many functions they must cover to be strong leaders and guide and motivate their employees to reach their full potential.   Managers delegate responsibilities, encourage employees with positive reinforcement, prioritize, organize, and they can keep a team cohesive by helping solve problems and issues that arise within the team.   Managers play many roles daily to keep teams motivated and guide employees toward success to achieve the goals of the business. Managers also can be a sounding board and help employees succeed through personal development guidance. The positive relationship between a manager and employee is critical to the success of the team and the company.
      Business law gives a set of specific guidelines for managers to follow to protect the employee decisions made that can affect the company in a negative way. It is a manager’s responsibility to ensure that proper guidelines and laws that govern business actions and decisions are followed. Managers must adhere to many business laws and keep employees educated in the proper areas of what is legal in a business environment.   “Managers are to perform and excel in a legal environment. The success for them gets influenced by their understanding some basic concepts of business laws. With the increasing complexity of business, knowledge of the various legislations concerning business transactions has become imminent” (“Business Law for Managers,” 2003, part.).   In many cases the government has had to become involved and often take over certain companies due to inappropriate or illegal actions employees have made. Managers are there to educate and inform employees of illegal or unethical actions that can negatively affect a business. It is their job to oversee the functions of the employees on the teams they...